A small guide to interactive rebase. This command allows you to change the past and undo a commit

5 months ago when I first started contributing to open source, something made me nervous all the time.

Every single commit message on the branch had to follow a format, or your pull request doesn’t get merged.

Specifically, it should be: “PREFIX: Summary of what this commit is about”.


Everyday (If I’m coding)

Why bother cutting down 1 second?

Shortcuts are more than saving time. The practice protects me from wrist pain because I work for hours and days.

And why save time? The tips go beyond saving me minutes a day. They are like the habit of saving money and exercising. They will not make you richer and…

How to Push Google Colab to its limits

I started using Google Colaboratory (Colab), a python notebook that comes with free computing resources, when taking a graduate Machine Learning course.

During the first or two months it was quite devastating, because a noticeable proportion to students had access to computing resources from their labs, or the department. …

Twan Chen

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